Ya Don’t Know What’cha Got Till It’s Gone

Do you realize that when you rise up out of a chair and walk across a room that you are living fingers with smiley and sad facessomeone’s dream?  The simple act of brushing your teeth or taking a shower is another person’s unattainable goal.  When my rash was at it’s painful peak I found myself noticing all the clear complexions around me.

Take a moment and think about what has bothered you today.  Imagine airing your complaints to a new amputee at Walter Reed.

There is validity to most of our complaints but, many times, not much perspective – not in the big scheme of things anyway.  We all strive to better our lot in life, as we should.  But, in the course or wanting things to be different we should salt our despair with perspective.

Keep your head and heart on the grateful, thankful side of life.

There is a lot of wisdom in the expression, “Ya don’t know what’cha got till it’s gone.”

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