Thank God!

I’m taking a grief share class at church and today’s lesson asked the question, “What can I thank Godsingle file footprints in sand for today?”  When I was finished writing my list I put my pen down and looked out the window and realized even more how blessed I am.  I picked the pen back up and continued my list.

My life isn’t hard.  I’m not threatened.   I have clean water.  I am comfortable physically.  If I get cold I turn up the thermostat.  If I’m hot I turn on the air conditioning.  If I’m hungry I go to the fridge. If I need more food I drive to the store.  If I have an emergency I call 911.

There’s no one telling me I can’t read my Bible.  My children were never kidnapped.  I’ve never lost my home and all my personal belongings to fire or flood.  There is no one wanting to imprison me or take me from my home.

This morning I thought of what life could be like and wanted God to know I don’t take His blessings for granted.  Things could be very different, very quickly.

Thank you God!

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