Missing Max: Finding Hope After My Marine Son’s Death,BOOK COVERThe book is tender, emotionally-charged, but yet offers hope and support for others who have experienced such a traumatic loss.

– Beverly


I read Missing Max: Finding Hope After My Marine Son’s Death Wednesday evening and finished it Thursday morning. Couldn’t put it down. It is an amazing book, and I think you did a beautiful job of expressing who Max was as a man. I admire your ability to talk about him as you do and express so well what you and your family have gone through.

– Kathy


As I have watched her deal with the loss of her son, the path God has called her to, the courage she demonstrates each time she gets up in front of people to share her story, and then compare it the many presentations I’ve heard made by professionals —

I have to say that what I experience when I listen to Julie is hearing the heart of a mother.

She speaks so profoundly from a broken place, just like you were sitting in her living room, one person to another, not in a room full of people. She is approachable, and willing to take you by the hand (or the heart) and share your burden if you to have been broken by such a terrible loss, the loss of a child.

– Cyndee


I was given your book last evening, thought I’d read a bit this morning when I came to work—and then was compelled to continue non-stop until I finished it. Thank you—for your son, for your courage to write the story, for sharing such a personal message.

– Kurt, proud father-in-law of Marine


Mrs. Schrock,

Thanks again for blessing us with your amazing story and testimony on Monday.
My wife was in tears at our dinner table as I recounted some of the things that
you had shared with us. Our student body and faculty were richly blessed.
Thanks for using your experiences to bring glory to God and extend His kingdom!
Gods peace.

– David Ness, Principal Parker Lutheran High School


“Mrs. Schrock’s presentation was great. It had facts in it that I didn’t know. I loved having her come to my class. And Max is a hero.”

– Colton, age 9, 4th grade

“Julie Schrock is a wonderful speaker. Her presentations are engaging and informative, and her story is very inspirational. I highly recommend her presentations and discussions for all ages. And her book, Missing Max is a must read.”

– Rebecca, Colton’s mother


Julie’s heartfelt story of the loss of her son Max and her journey of healing is such an inspiration and demonstrates such personal growth.

I would highly recommend Julie as a speaker and author of “Missing Max”.

– Pam Ridler, President/CEO Castle Rock (CO) Chamber of Commerce


The cover of your book is incredible. What a picture– it captures so much life.
And your writing is equally powerful, I was tearing up just reading the excerpt.

“I will never forget”
Mike Reagan
The Michael G. Reagan Portrait Foundation

Julie Schrock has written a book about the loss of her son Max. It is incredible.
Reading the book and hearing Julie’s words, you should all get the book and
read this story. Her book can be ordered at: www.MissingMax2011.com.

– Siobhan Fallon – author of You Know When The Men Are Gone


Soldier dogs   www.soldierdogs.com

Julie Schrock

There are some wonderful resources out there for those who have had a loved one die while in service. There’s TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), Gold Star Wives of America, and American Gold Star Mothers, to name a few. And then there’s Julie Schrock. She lost her son, a Marine dog handler I feature in Soldier Dogs, to an IED in Afghanistan. (I can’t write any more here because this is not the place to tell his story.) Since his death she has devoted her life to inspiring people via talks and a book to live the best lives they can, and to cope with losses. (You will hear a good deal about God during her talks, if that’s a consideration either way.) She has been through so much, and is a true inspiration, whatever your religious views. This mom of a hero is a hero herself. You can reach her at missingmax2011@gmail.com and learn more.

– Maria Goodavage’s NY Times Best Selling book – under resources

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