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Pay attention

The task for us is to make ourselves available to God each day and to pay attention.  – Adam Hamilton, author of Why? Making Sense of God’s Will        boy and girl watching

Paying attention has been on my heart lately.  It takes so little effort to make someone feel good and appreciated.  Actually, the reverse is true as well.  Simple actions can make or break a day.

People who make other people feel good are people you want to be around.  Time when people are around you is time and opportunity for you to witness.  Anytime you do something kind is a witness.  The reverse of that is true as well.

Mr. Hamilton is right.  I want to be more available to God and pay more attention; to God and His children.

Unholy Alliances

The other morning I read a verse that struck me as odd.

Luke was describing events leading up to Christ’s crucifixion.  Pilate passed Jesus off to Herod – then Herod, frustrated by Jesus, passed Him back to Pilate.  Chapter 23 verse 12 states, “That day Herod and Pilate became friends – before this they had been enemies.”

I prayed for understanding of what this meant. 

It’s taken several days but this is what I think:

The devil pairs up people for his purposes.  People that otherwise would not have been involved with each other, Satan brings together to serve his evil desires.  We should keep our eyes open to the nations that are aligning together.  We should keep our eyes open to the people that are aligning together.

Be aware and beware of unholy alliances.